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StapleWare Desktop

DocuWare Integrated Document Management manages your business processes and documents. StapleWare® Modules were created to increase DocuWare functionality and to directly fulfill customer needs.

These desktop modules are installed on the user’s computer and work with the DocuWare client to help DocuWare users to make better decisions in less time with fewer errors.

Deficiency Manager

Track Missing Documents
Discover and track missing documents in your DocuWare file cabinet with the Deficiency Manager module.

Stop Searching Your File Cabinet
Create a list of required documents and let Deficiency Manager crosscheck your file cabinet for missing documents. Prevent processes from moving forward until all required documents have been fulfilled. Example applications: employee onboarding, student enrollment, or loan applications.

Dynamic Checklists & Exporting
Set up separate document lists to correspond to individual departments, locations, or employees, and create and export lists of missing documents to ensure all mandatory documents get fulfilled despite different requirements between departments.

Web Client Integration

Link Any Software to DocuWare
Select text in any software application, press hot key and the Web Client Integration Tool will open all related documents in the DocuWare Web Client.

Configure One Hot Key for All Applications
Press configured hot key combination in any software application, and the Web Client Integration Tool will use selected text to search your DocuWare file cabinet for all documents related to a specific client, company, employee, or whatever search term you have selected.

Utilize Text or OCR Capture
Scroll over text or use crosshairs to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in PDFs or other file types without the need for screen mapping or a lengthy setup process. Set up multiple hot key configurations to correspond to specific DocuWare fields or file cabinets.